PPHI Sindh Jobs In Sindh 2023

In a significant development for job seekers in Sindh, the Provincial Public Health Initiative (PPHI) Sindh has announced a fresh wave of job openings, presenting exciting opportunities for individuals to join the organization's mission of improving public healthcare in the province. PPHI Sindh is committed to providing quality healthcare services to the underserved communities of Sindh, and these new job openings are a testament to their dedication to this noble cause.

What is PPHI Sindh?

The Provincial Public Health Initiative (PPHI) Sindh is a public-sector organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of healthcare services in the province of Sindh. PPHI Sindh operates with the primary objective of providing accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare to marginalized and underserved populations in both urban and rural areas of Sindh.

PPHI Sindh is a part of the larger effort to improve healthcare infrastructure, expand access to medical facilities, and address healthcare disparities in the region. It plays a pivotal role in executing various healthcare programs, from primary healthcare to disease prevention and health education.

Latest Job Openings:

The latest job openings by PPHI Sindh encompass a wide range of positions, catering to individuals with diverse skills and qualifications. These positions offer candidates the chance to contribute meaningfully to the healthcare sector while building a rewarding career. Here are some of the notable positions available:

Current Openings


Qualification & Experience:

A BS-18/19 Officer of CSS/Ex-PCS (PSS), having at least 10 years of experience in Government Services. The candidates having experience in project management or any international organization shall be preferred. The candidates are required to produce NOC from their parent department at the time of interview.

Place of Posting : Karachi

Apply Last : 20 September 2023

Application Process:

To apply for these exciting job opportunities with PPHI Sindh, interested candidates can visit the organization's official website or consult local newspapers for detailed job advertisements. The application process typically includes submitting an online application form, providing necessary documents and qualifications, and attending interviews or tests as per the specific job requirements.

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